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Busy still

Ive got a cold :( meepy, but my history coursework will soon be over *yey* then its only a multitude of exams, 2 more courseworks, essays, homeworks etc to worry about, not including non-sixth form stuff ! :D *rolly eyes*

Must not panic about Cambridge interview, must not panic. WHAT AM I GOING TO SAY??? EEEEK. must not panic.

Im going through what ive already done of this coursework essay and my goodness, the gramatical mistakes! I have about a 7 line sentance in there too.And I must remind myself that its TH E-I R not THERE ! eck

Oooo, ive bought 'Billiance of the moon' by Lian Hearn. Ive been waiting for it to come out for a while now so, yey, im lookig forwards to reading it soon. My guitar group is getting better at playing! And im not the only girl now, 2 more girls have joined. Im going to book my driving theory test this week too. Eeeee, its all go at the moment. It will be my 18th in no time.
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