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Lots to do

Doing lists like this is most probably an abuse of livejournal! At least it should be. pointless, distressing and probably irritating for the people who you are on the friends list of! But here goes:

300 word plan for history coursework (coursework exam in approximately 2 weeks time)
1000 words of notes for same coursework exam
somehow rent and watch the film about Gandhi
Biology coursework , the longer i leave it the more i forget from the fieldtrip
iminent gography coursework (fieldtrip this weekend)
2 physical geography essays- supposedly for tomorrow
Human geography essay (v confusing and borring, tourism, economics zzzz)(due in earlier today, oops)
Make a model of a coastal defence thingy for geography.- for friday
Learn more about how to handle an interview (interview at Liverpool university a week tomorrow)
read up on ancient history for my interview.
Complete more forms sent to me by Cambridge university - to be posted very soon
book my driving theory exam
make a tape for the fieldtrip this weekend (haha im the only one thats remembered that the minibuses only have tape players)
ewrite a birthday card to my aunty
buy a 18th birthday pressy for my sister
stop biting nails, before damage is irreparable (may be to late for that)

stuff like change my bed, iron, etc.

Other things, to do, yet not classed as chores:
buy my best friend a birthday present, preferably a good one.
practice my pieces on my guitar even more so that at guitar group the new 11 year old member doesnt out-play me (pathetic i know! :p)
Keep in touch with friends
Buy the latest book in the Lian Hearn trilogy
get more sleep
Get on and do things
look forwards to getting back to a routine (I never thought id hear myself say that)

I got back form visiting my granny yesterday. Its a shame i couldnt stay for as long as usual but im so glad that I went anyway. My Aunt and Uncle visited and it was good to catch up on all the news, the Berlin trip gave me lots to talk about too.

At least someone out there has calculated that I am most like this beautiful mystical creature (found on the user page of a livejournal user thats nicely friended me, theowatts ):):
You're like a Unicorn!

?? Which Mythical Creature Are You ??
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