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Serbia, EXIT festival

Im writing from novi Sad in Serbia. At last my dad and i have found an internet cafe!! We are just relaxing here really. Weve not found much to do in the town. I think that they hide these art gallerys, theatres and museums that are supposed to exist down back alleys and disguise them as houses to make them extra difficult to find!! Sunday should be fun, im looking forwards to seeing the Datsuns and the White Stripes. We arew going to go to see Garbage tonight. The festival only gets going after dark but your best getting there at 4pm if you dfont want to be queuing with hours of serbians for several hours. The appartments that we are staying in are really nice, with tv (watch pokemon in serbian!! haha) and nice bathroom and then a patio and a very nice colourful garden. I sat out there for a couple of hours this morning reading clive cussler and drawing. Most people who have come to the festival have come for the dance music (all the top DJs are here apparently).
The journey here was crazy but certainly an experiance and an adventure!!We raced to get on the train in order to get a seat and thank goodness we did run as many people were sat on their bags in the corridors for the 5 hour journey. Not many people can say that they spent a night on a train traveling from hungary to sebia next to two young tipsy serbians singing along to the smiths on their cd walkmans and waking up at 4.30 to the english people down the train singing sympathy for the devil :P (hoo hooo) I wish i knew this language at least a little bit though. We havent come across any english people since the train, we may as well be in japan! Only english speaker was one australian man who gave us some directions.
The location of the festival is beautiful, up in the old fortress you can see right to the horizon
(this countries almost flatter than belgium!) There is a metal stage, blues stage, main stage, ragae style one and what not. We gave a serbian band a chance yesterday but i just found it hilarious to be stood amongst serbian fans all singing along in serbian. Then a woman came on stage who sung blondies 'call me' in her accent, like careoke, but the crowd loved it.
This countries nice but just like when im ever abroad i know that im going to appreciate England even more when i get home. Britain rocks it really does. We are a rich country andwe have clean water through the taps and you dont smell sewerage and everywhere isnt covered in graffitti. We saw a church earlier graffitid with 'jesus is dead punk isnt'. Almost all the women here are long legged and slim and almost everyone smokes like a chimney.
Eeeee what an experience. It is brilliant spending time with dad though. I have learnt about myself that i need to be less anxious and more able to just sit around a chill, not worrying.
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