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Sooooo coooold

Im all cosy, sat in bed snuggled up wearing my knitted jumper and under the duvet,my feet up on a chair with a pillow covering them and my laptop on my knee :) A bowl of cheerios minus the milk and a cup of tea beside me. Listening to the libertines and relaxing... blissss
I have been cold for so much of today. I had to spend time in the freeeezing cold library as the book were only avaliable on reserve. However, my supervision went well :D She said the essay was splendid :D Sam and I walked back, nattering away. I was going to go to a party tonight or at least go to the college bar with everyone but I am enjoying this doing nothing too much! I went ou last night and had fun. I have one more essay to go and 7 more nights. I love having my own room, my own space, this form of independence too, this will be worth the debt :p This christmas is going to be a wierd experience but at the moment I am just excited about seeing my dad, my best friend, my brothers and sisters, my grandma and grandad and my granny, the cats, lady doggy, teachers and other friends at presentation evening, oh, and seeing hillllls! its so darn flat here :p
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